Collaborating With Local Talent! Plus, 7 Tips For Jewelry Photography-From A Pro!

Social media is a funny thing.  Of course we all know, its usually the highlight reel of our best selves.  But often times social media has the power to reveal all sorts of aspects of people, which can sometimes be positive or negative.  Since starting our King George Shop online boutique, we have met all sorts of women (some men too) in businesses of all kinds, but mostly, only virtually.  Our most recent collaboration started exactly this way.  We found each other through the magic of social media and decided to collaborate.  We knew we liked what we saw "online" but you never know what will be beyond that version.  Our collaboration with @gulfcoastashley went beyond anything we could have imagined.  Her idea was to shoot our products in a sand and salt water setting, with all things "beach" being her inspiration. She was a delight in person, she took better shots of our pieces than we would have dreamed, has shared about us on her social media, and even wrote a blog post including the pics from our collaboration.  We are including her amazing blog post on our site too, as our first ever, guest blog because her tips and pictures are too great not to share!  We hope you love them as much as we do!  

Check out her blog here

We had some fun getting to know this talented photographer. Below are a few of the things she had to say....

Tell us about where you were born and raised. Where are you now? 
"I was born and raised in Tampa, FL. We're Floridians several generations back. I met my husband in college, he was from St. Petersburg, so I moved one bridge south when we got married. And then about 5 years ago, we moved another bridge south and I love living in Lakewood Ranch, FL."

You are such a talented product photographer. How did you get into it? 
"My dad always had his camera in his hand, so growing up it was always around me. But I didn't take pictures really until we had kids. As soon as I discovered waterproof cameras I got one and that year I think all our photos were in the water. Even our Christmas card!"
We know you love the water like we do. Is it what inspires you? 
"100% yes. I grew up on the water every weekend with my dad out on the boat. My husband and I met sailing. I think our babies (now 16 and 18) swam before they could walk. Water can energize me, it relaxes me, it cools me off when it's too hot, the way the light dances in the ripples mesmerizes me."
What’s your favorite KG piece and why?
"The triangle lariat necklace. It's so light and effortless and gives a t just that  little something extra."
What are some of your style essentials?
"I do love my JCrew jeans for sure. A crisp white T. Anything with stripes. Pretty nails."

Teach our followers something. Anything! 
"Edit. It's hard for me to do too. But go thru things in life (kid art, dishes, clothes, even pictures on your IG wall) and only keep the the best, the ones that speak to you, that have a sentimental reason for being. Otherwise it's just too much stuff!  Oh, and then donate, because someone else will probable love what you once loved."

How do you define beauty? 
"The glow that comes from the inside when you are living right and doing good in the world."

What advice would you give to others? 
"It's been said so much but it's so true: just be you! Embrace being you! Besides, everyone else is already taken."



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