Favorites Under $50

Blue Iolite Necklace

Life is hectic. Work. Home. Kids. Family. Even keeping up with social media feels like a daily obligation. The need to stay present floats around in the back of our minds, but what is it we are really afraid of? We might miss the latest trend, or something happening in our community? The truth is, none of that really matters. Over the years, my sister and I have had that conversation a million times and lately, it has moved in the direction of living a more minimalist lifestyle, being present in the moment and just being ourselves. This holds true for our sense of style as well. As much as we love adding a statement piece when dressing up for an occasion or night out, most of the time that is not what we are doing. We are doing all of the other things (mentioned above!), living life and trying to keep our heads above the water so to speak! So we are embracing the simple truth that on a Monday morning, we may not want to get "dressed" for running errands, driving kids around, working from our laptops and cooking dinner. We do, however, want to set an example for our children that taking care of ourselves is important too. So, being able to dress casually and comfy, but still look presentable (for those grocery store run-ins) is what we aim for. We know this struggle is going on in many women's minds.  Keeping up with the trends is hard to maintain. We've decided we just don't have to. We have created a new collection, dedicated to easy, affordable and perfect for everyday. Our aim is to offer easy to mix in accessories that can be worn with anything, and still help give one a sense of style & individuality. After all, classic and feminine never goes out of style. See some of our selections from our new Favorites Under $50 Collection below.

A beautiful and fun pair of earrings, these white lambskin earrings are made using the finest quality, soft Italian leather. ($48)

These Tiny Textured Disk Studs ($44) will become your everyday favorite. They are hammered with a scored texture to catch the light. 

This one is too good to not mention! It makes the perfect gift and comes in silver, gold or a combination of the two. You may not be able to wear it, but you hold your most precious rings and earrings in it. 

Gold and Silver Leaf Hand Painted Oyster Shell ($24)


This Raw Brass Bar Chain Lariat Necklace ($42) is handmade, super feminine and great for layering.

This Druzy Gold Cuff Ring ($36) is sure to garner attention. Its hammered textured and use of natural, one-of-a-kind stones make it a standout piece while still being affordable. 

Cheetah Print never goes out of style. Mix it with a lightweight leather teardrop earring ($35), and you may have truly found your "favorite under $50"!

This raw brass cuff ($40) with gold dipped, quartz crystal points, set in hand-crushed pyrite is elegant and one of a kind. 


What's your favorite??