Artist Series: Emsum Jewelry, Las Vegas

King George Shop was built around an idea that we wanted to create a platform for promoting talented designers from across the United States and beyond, and bring them front and center for our customers. In working with our vendors over the past year, we have had the privilege of getting to know them from a behind the scenes perspective and have been even more inspired by their stories and work. We had a thought; if it interests us to see what inspired them, where they work and why they do it, then our customers will love this too. And so begins our Artist Series where we sit down (virtually, of course!) with our most talented vendors, peer into their lives and get a glimpse of where their beautiful pieces come from. 

Meet: Marcia Bergenfield, Owner of Emsum Jewelry in Las Vegas, Nevada....

Marcia was born and raised in Las Vegas, leaving for college, and then returning to build a successful career in real estate. As a hobby, she created jewelry for herself until one day, when she was asked to create some men's bracelets for the advisory board of a dot-com company. About three months later, word about who she was had spread, and she was asked again to make a piece for the CEO of an enormous food & drug chain. It was then, that Marcia knew she was on to something special. 

Fast forward five years, and Marcia's life is full with two kids to raise, multiple appointments per day with clients, and creating more jewelry in between. Her jewelry is so beautiful, those that own it can expect to be stopped on the streets from people wanting to talk about her pieces. This is how we met her. On a trip to Las Vegas, it was Julie who met Marcia, fell in love with her and the beautiful jewelry she was wearing. And from then on, she just about drove me crazy telling me about this jewelry designer, that I just had to get to know! She was right though, my first piece from Emsum was a gorgeous blue, semi -precious druzy gemstone ring and to wear it is a daily reminder that I did something good for myself. I bought a piece of jewelry that not only reflects my style, but also reflects my mindset. That is, everything in your life and around you brings energy, good or bad. These stones, which come from mountains and caves from all over the world, are known energy sources, and the more good energy around me, the better I feel.

So what inspires Marcia to do this? The stones, the energy and the people she meets because of it. In her words, "Gemstones are among the most beloved treasures on earth. Gems are beautiful, but it is the radiance of life from gemstones to which people are instinctively drawn. Deep within, people know there is more to a gemstone than meets the eye, and when customers wear their Emsum pieces, it's an instant source of energy."

We asked Marcia a few others things and here is what she had to say...

What is your work space/studio like? "I have made a beautiful two-room studio out of my humble abode. My workstation overlooks Italian Cypresses, a tranquil pool, and lots of natural light. I've created a very calm and romantic work setting. In order for me to create, it is essential that I have good lighting. Soft jazz playing in the background and plenty of candles also help me to create an ambiance, so I am able to make jewelry that reflects what I am feeling."

One of Marcia's work tables

What sets you and your jewelry apart from mass produced items or other jewelers? "Almost everything is handcrafted and one of a kind. No mass producing whatsoever. All of my jewelry is delivered with a description of the gemstone and its healing elements. One the most interesting (and a personal favorite) places I source my gemstones from is a small, family owned and operated mine in Uruguay. That’s where all of my Brazilian Agates, large chunky Pyrite and Smokey Quartz comes from."

What is your favorite piece? "I created a line of Brazilian Crystal Geode Agates that I placed on Alpaca, which are hand rolled into long strands. Once finished these necklaces are truly pieces of art." (Julie owns one of these pieces and absolutely loves it!)

What advice would you give to aspiring artists who are considering venturing down the path of business ownership? "Never give up. As long as you do a little something every day towards your dream and passion, you will move forward and grow."




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