Artist Series: Kamryn Shawron

King George Shop was built around an idea that we wanted to create a platform for promoting talented designers from across the United States and beyond, and bring them front and center for our customers. In working with our vendors over the past year, we have had the privilege of getting to know them from a behind-the-scenes perspective and have been even more inspired by their stories and work. We had a thought; if it interests us to see what inspired them, where they work and why they do it, then our customers will love this too. And so begins our Artist Series where we sit down (virtually, of course!) with our most talented vendors, peer into their lives and get a glimpse of where their beautiful pieces come from. 

Meet: Kamryn Shawron, Savannah GA

Kamryn Shawron moved around the east coast while she and her sisters were small. They eventually settled in Ocoee, Florida where Shawron spent most of her life until heading off to college in 2013. This art-loving lady chose the Savannah College of Art and Design where she majored in Fibers, graduating in 2016. Shawron loved Savannah so much that she decided to never leave! 

Kamryn Shawron | birthday edition - wish

Beadwork and bead embroidery are her favorite forms of expression and have been a constant in her work for years now. During her junior year of college, Shawron took a beading for Fibers course with Sam Norgard - "an exceptional beader and human herself" according to Shawron; KG owner Vanessa also studied under Norgard and can confirm her awesomeness. In that beading class, Shawron learned all kinds of beading techniques and stitches. "Something just clicked in class - maybe it was the way you can achieve such detail with a tedious task or the patience of our teacher. I just was immediately captured. And I have been ever since."

Kamryn Shawron | big red

Shawron is inspired by "nearly everything." A costume in a movie, a magazine editorial; the way that a jewelry designer has styled their pieces for a shoot. Shawron noted that, "everything we see provokes a response, a secondary thought based on our own narratives."

Kamryn Shawron | school

Beading is Shawron's most favorite hobby. She also takes a lot of photographs; portraits of people in her life, crazy outlandish staged shoots with costumes and makeup. Painting has also always been a constant theme in her life. 

Kamryn Shawron | cobalt cal

Want to know more? Read on for a Q&A with King George Shop and Kamryn Shawron.

KG: What advice would you give to others? 

KS: I don’t know that I am in the position to give others advice! If I could give my former self any advice though it would be to relax and enjoy the moment. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be. 

KG: What’s the last gift you gave someone? 

KS: I just mailed a friend of mine in Minnesota some trinkets, jewelry, some bath goods. Little things to hopefully brighten her day.

KG: What is your next travel destination? 

KS: Before the quarantine really set in my partner and I had a trip planned to New Orleans. I would still love to make that happen. 

KG: How do you define beauty? 

KS: I think that beauty is an intangible thing. It exists around us in little ways and moments that happen all day. The way that someone carries themself, a small gesture, the way a person’s hands grip the steering wheel.


You can shop Kamryn's pieces on our website for the month of August! Let us know what you think of this new addition to the store and comment below with some artists we should support in the future!

Happy shopping! Thank you for supporting small businesses ❤️

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