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Guest Blog Written By: Vanessa Wall, KG Intern & Design Student


Nearly fifty years ago, Julie & Katie’s grandfather (the same one who inspired KG) gave their grandmother a long strand of pearls for their 25th wedding anniversary. Many years later, when Julie, KG Shop co-owner, graduated from college, their grandparents got creative, split the long strand into two, smaller necklaces, and gave one of them to Julie as her graduation gift. The necklace was given with the original jewelry holder and a handwritten note inside, explaining where the necklace came from and who the second strand would go to. Katie, KG Shop co-owner, got her necklace a couple years later. It’s a sentimental piece for two sisters to now share. What a most, perfect gift! 

But sometimes, it can be hard to shop for the perfect gift for someone, especially when it’s for a moment as special as a graduation. Even though many graduations happen in May, they are actually taking place all throughout the year. This means graduation parties and events for high school graduates and college graduates are occurring all the time. Sometimes it can be hard to shop for your special graduate because you might not be very close, or it can be overwhelming trying to find a unique item to give them. To help make this time of celebration easier on you, we’ve created a list of some unique items that will make every graduate happier as they move into the next part of their life. Take a look and tell us some of your favorites!

Not Just A Letter Grade:

Each of our Hand Forged Wire Letter Necklaces ($59) are hand forged using either 14kt gold fill or sterling silver wire. The texture perfectly catches the light and will make every graduate shine! Each of these 1” letters can represent a graduate’s initial, the initial of their school, or anything else that has special meaning to them.

Hand Forged Letter Bracelets

A Different Kind of Tassel:

The use of tassels in graduation ceremonies only started in the last 40 to 50 years and symbolizes the graduate’s individual’s movement from candidate to graduate.  Some pieces like our Tassel Earrings and Agate ($35), or the Silk Tassel Agate Stone Earrings ($45), are the perfect pair for celebrating the individual beauty of every graduate. Mixed with a piece that also has an agate stone makes this choice even more meaningful.

This ancient stone, originally discovered in Sicily, has many meanings across a wide variety of cultures. In general, the agate crystal meaning was one of spiritual protection and could stimulate one’s life force while cleansing their mind to make space for good luck and fortune. Its the perfect pair for a graduation gift as one faces the excitement, yet uncertainty about the future. 

Blue tassel and agate earrings

Blue Tassel and Agate Stone Earrings

Silk tassel earrings

Silk Tassel Agate Stone Earrings

The Not So Traditional Class Ring:

As time goes on, it is common for graduates to stop wearing their class rings, and they just become a memory that collects dust. More and more graduates are straying away from the traditional class ring for that reason. The modern graduate would definitely enjoy one of our Blue Agate Rings ($75), Amethyst Gemstone Cuff Rings ($75), or even a Blue Solid Gemstone Cuff Ring ($75). Not only are these special gemstones that hold meaning and energy, they are also special because they are stones collected from around the world, which are then hand carved out of a single stone to create a piece of jewelry that will last your graduate a lifetime. 

Blue Agate Ring

Blue Agate Ring

Amethyst Gemstone Ring

Amethyst Gemstone Ring

Blue Solid Gemstone Cuff Ring

Blue Solid Gemstone Cuff Ring

Motivation You Can Wear:

Something that every graduate needs as they move through the next step of their life is good motivation. Our Brass Stamped Bracelets ($34) come with assorted quotes that can help give every graduate a good dose of motivation when days are hard. These bracelets can be made to say things like, “No Excuses,” “Fearless,” and “Do Epic Shit.” You can even request a custom message up to 10 characters.

Hand Stamped Bracelets


Our last, but certainly not least idea is so unique and would most definitely be a gift to remember. These hand-painted, one of a kind, Gold and Silver Leaf Oyster Shells ($24) were found in the waters off the coast of Charleston, SC and make a beautiful ring dish.

Hand Painted Oyster Shells

Gold and Silver Leaf Hand Painted Oyster Shell


For more gift giving ideas visit our Gift Closet. Congratulations graduates!

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