It's Almost Kickoff Time

Written By: Vanessa Wall, KG Intern

Trop 30 Red

It’s that time of year everyone! My personal favorite of all the seasons…football season! The KG team knows that like us, many of our fans are planning on attending some highly anticipated, Division 1, college games. No matter where your game is, stadium restrictions are increasing on what bags you can bring with you. There’s no need to sacrifice your style by bringing a less than fashionable, clear bag. When looking for your game day bag, you'll want to check out our DE-VESI "stadium" bag!

This bag is beautiful, as well as multi-functional and comes in multiple colors. This bag features clear sides and colored leather tops and bottoms to match your team colors. The bag is water resistant, which makes it perfect for a game day environment. If that didn’t convince you, the leather is vegan and the sides are hard glass plastic.

Wondering which color best suits your team? Keep on reading!

If you plan on attending a game at “The Big House” to cheer for the Michigan Wolverines, Milan Puskar Stadium to enjoy a halftime with The Pride of West Virginia, or checking out “Touchdown Jesus,” while you cheer for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, or even up north at Penn State University, then listen up, Royal Blue is the bag for you. Its the perfect bag for cheering on the Gators in "The Swamp" or Auburn tigers, too!


 Trop 30 Blue

Have you been eyeing up our bold red option? If your heart belongs to the Florida State Seminoles, Alabama Crimson Tide, Oklahoma Sooners, or the Ohio Buckeyes then you’re in luck. Don’t forget this classic bag when you head out for your game down south at Texas A&M. For our Bulldogs, a confident bark starts with a confident look. The DE-VESI will match the fierceness of your bark, and amp up your outfit for extra bite. The red DE-VESI will compliment all of your fan gear and be able to carry all of your game day necessities. 

And if color coordinating isn't your thing, then just stick with a classic color that works both inside and outside the stadium, like this Truffle Grey. See below how we styled it a couple of different ways! The grey offers endless options!

Trop 30 Truffle Grey

Be on the look out for the black, white and camel bags coming out soon. What could be more sleek and modern than the DE-VESI in white? White is our recommendation for the LSU fans out there. But white is a great option for fans, no matter where you are in the country. Every Hawkeyes fan needs our black DE-VESI bag on their arm, while they wave to the fans staying at The University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital.  This new tradition is such a meaningful one.  The wave highlights the special relationship between the football team and the hospital.  Each of these basic colors can be the perfect option for so many different teams!


No matter what game you’re attending, the DE-VESI will make the perfect game day bag. Its concession stand/snack resistant materials, timeless beauty, and ability to meet stadium security standards make it every sports fan’s most needed accessory. Don’t forget to tag us in pictures of your DE-VESI on game day! What color will you choose?

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