Special Thanks to Our Intern, Emma

Every day of the year this business is run almost exclusively by one woman. Over the summer though, King George Shop looks for a special person to mentor and show them what it takes to run this company. This past summer we were joined by Emma, a jewelry major from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Get to know the lady working behind the scenes with us this summer! 

Tell us about where you were born and raised. Where are you now? 

I was born and raised in Allen, Texas, though a few years ago my family moved thirty minutes away to Frisco, another suburb of Dallas. I’m a true Texas girl; I live for the friendly and enterprising spirt Texans possess. As my dad likes to say, we have a sense of confidence in our state that is mutually reinforcing – confident people engage the world around them and a confident world engages its people to move forward.

Currently, I am attending Savannah College of Art and Design, where I’m seeking my bachelors degree in Jewelry Design.


You are so talented in so many areas? Which is your favorite? How did you get into it? 

 I’m really fortunate to be chasing my passion as a designer and a craftsman. I got started in jewelry when I was six years old. My dad brought home a bag of beads, miniature pliers, and an instructional pamphlet from Hobby Lobby and my brother and I made a necklace, bracelet, and earring set for my mom for Mother’s Day. It really snowballed from there. I was entirely self-taught, just chasing whatever new skills I wanted to learn.  I started using a small blowtorch when I was thirteen, then got my own double tank torch for my seventeenth birthday. I taught myself to solder and once I could actually constructwith and manipulate metal, I knew I had found where I was supposed to be.


What is your workspace/studio like?

Oof, my workspace is so messy. When I get in the groove, I have no time for picking up after myself. I save that for later when I’m wrapping up my project, or when I’ve finally lost something important in the mess.


Tell us about your daily schedule. 

 When I’m in school, I usually have just enough time in the day to get everything done, so when things get stressful, my day is planned out by the half hour. My goal is always to wake up early so I can get ready and take on the day, but between you and me, I usually hit the snooze button one too many times. I like to have early classes or residence life office hours so I have to get working right away, and then from there I launch straight into knocking things off my to-do list. I make tea as it starts to get late to re-energize me, and no matter how late it is, I spend some time on my phone before I go to bed, either reading or catching up with what my friends are doing. It’s my dedicated de-stressing time.



What are some of your style essentials? 

My primary style essential is always earrings. I’ve had my ears pierced since I was a baby, and now I feel naked if I leave the house without them. Fun fact, I called my first “business” Earring by Emma because that was my favorite thing to make when I was younger.

My other style staple is a good lip. I don’t always have time to do my makeup like I’d like before I have to run out of the door, but at any given time, I have a half dozen lip sticks and lip glosses in my purse so I have something for every outfit. A good lip can really unify your look for the day and quickly adds a new level of polish.



What advice would you give to others? 

If you’re like me, you usually have to run through all the interactions you’ve had throughout the day, and critique and berate yourself on how embarrassing or cringy they were. Let that stuff go! You don’t remember every awkward thing that someone did in your presence, do you? No? Neither do they. You can safely stop stressing and forget that it ever happened. Try and put all that brain power to dwelling on the positive interactions you had instead.



Carbs or no carbs? 

Oh, carbs, absolutely. Someday I’ll work my way up to trying out a no-carbohydrate diet, but for now, I live for breads and sugars.


Cardio or weights? 

Weights, actually. Doing weights is my favorite part of my gym experience, and I love that I can do core-strength exercises anywhere. The only time I get excited about the elliptical is when the gym is playing Fixer Upper re-runs.


Night owl or morning person? 

I wish I was a morning person. It doesn’t happen very often, but I live for the mornings where I wake up naturally and can enjoy the sun coming up through my window. However, I am very much a night owl. Some of my best ideas come at 2 am, no matter how much I’ve begged them to show up four hours earlier.



Jeans or a dress? 

Dresses. But an easy to wear one that everyone compliments you on, but took literally no time to style that morning.



How do you define beauty? 

I think of beauty in terms of truth. As an artist, I am always trying to be conscious of what I’m making and discern whether I’m doing it because it’s “artsy” or if I’m making it because it illuminates a truth that transcends me and this messy world we live in. But of course beauty doesn’t just have to refer to art; beauty is in our interactions that stem from genuine care, honest conversations that build each other instead of tearing each other down, in moments where we honor each other as human beings. I think my thoughts about beauty can be summed up in this quote from Augustine of Hippo: “Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul.”

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