Summer Travels: Tips for Packing Jewelry


Guest Blog Written By: Vanessa Wall, KG Intern & Design Student

All Photography (Unless Otherwise Specified) By: Gulf Coast Ashley Photography

Summer is a season full of adventure and travel whether you’re going on a small trip to visit friends and family or going on exciting world travels. One thing that many people overlook until the last minute is how to pack their accessories. We would never suggest leaving your accessories behind of course! Here are some tips and tricks we have used to take all of our bling on the go.

When packing your jewelry for travel there are many different things to consider. First, how much jewelry do you plan on bringing? Some packing methods are better than others depending on the amount of jewelry you wish to bring along. For example, one hack we like takes a roll up case (commonly used for makeup and paint brushes) and uses the separation loops to keep bracelets and necklaces apart. You can easily make a jewelry roll yourself too with some cloth and ribbon. This hack is great when traveling with a lot of jewelry but might take up too much space if you only want to bring a couple necklaces along.

If you travel lightly when it comes to jewelry, consider using the washcloth hack. Lay out your jewelry on a washcloth with some space between each piece. The next step is just to fold the towel over every piece like you’re just rolling it up. The washcloth is even good for earrings because piercing through won’t cause a lot of damage. This method also doesn’t take up a lot of space and also won't require you to be crafty in any way beforehand! 

For necklaces, a great way to keep them from tangling is to thread them through straws. This hack is great because you can travel with as many necklaces as you have straws for! The sky is the limit. Another great thing about straws is they can be reused to lessen the environmental impact of throwing them away.


Earrings are another source of disorganization as they often get separated in a big jewelry bag.  Next time you travel with earrings, studs or dangling, try keeping them paired up by putting them through buttons! Much like the straw hack, the amount you can use is endless. If you don’t have random buttons laying around, you can find some at the local dollar store or craft store. Not everyone has the ability or time to get crafty with their solution to the issue of traveling with jewelry.

Some inexpensive solutions that come ready to go include pill cases, travel jewelry organizers, or even a small jewelry box. Pill cases are a good solution to keep each piece separated and are a quick solution for earring separation. There are also plenty of options to choose from. Pill cases come in many shapes and sizes perfect for any trip. No matter where this summer takes you, don’t forget to take your jewelry with you! Planning to travel? Leave a comment below and share with us where you are going and/or what tips you have for staying organized!


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