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A Valentine's Gift Guide

Whether it's for yourself or someone you love, everyone deserves a little extra something on Valentine's Day! Here are some ideas that will make all of the special ladies in your life feel extra appreciated this Valentine's Day.

Shop Small

This weekend millions of shoppers will flock to big box retailers in order to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Before you face the crowded big box stores this weekend, consider shopping at a small business this season. Here are some reasons you should consider skipping out on the big box chaos.

Graduate Gift Guide

Graduate Gift Guide
Guest Blog Written By: Vanessa Wall, KG Intern & Design Student   Nearly fifty years ago, Julie & Katie’s grandfather (the same one who ins...

Artist Series: Emsum Jewelry, Las Vegas

We had a thought; if it interests us to see what inspired them, where they work and why they do it, then our customers will love this too. And so begins our Artist Series where we sit down (virtually, of course!) with our most talented vendors, peer into their lives and get a glimpse of where their beautiful pieces come from. 

Top Jewelry Essentials Part Two!

Last week we set out to define the top ten essentials for your jewelry box. We determined the top five items to be a gold chainpearls, a cocktail ringstuds, and gold hoops. This week we are laying out the next five items to be sure to include in your jewelry wardrobe. 

Top 5 Jewelry Essentials

The options are endless. The choices are everywhere. Your inbox is most likely flooded with emails and promotions. And if you are like us, you prob...

Holiday Favorites: Shopping Made Easy

If you need gift ideas then you've come to the right place. We get started around this time every year going through our gift list and swapping id...