Top Jewelry Essentials Part Two!

Last week we set out to define the top ten essentials for your jewelry box. We determined the top five items to be a gold chainpearls, a cocktail ringstuds, and gold hoops. This week we are laying out the next five items to be sure to include in your jewelry wardrobe. 
6. Diamonds

Diamonds speak for themselves. They are timeless and work with any look. This Karma bracelet is a non-traditional take on how to incorporate them into your style. The diamonds included in these two special pieces work with natural stones, gold and silver. 
Karma Diamond Choker
7. Statement Necklace

A great statement necklace has the power to turn your average outfit into something that stands out. A statement necklace can be the centerpiece of your style or the perfect complement to a simple look. This Oversized Horn Necklace, is a great way to add color to any outfit. A necklace like this will always make a statement, no matter which way you wear it because it's special all on its own.

horn necklace


8. Stacking rings 

You might think there is only one way to wear each piece of your jewelry. But, just like your fashion wardrobe, your jewelry can be changed and paired in many different ways to achieve many different looks.  The art of stacking and layering works by combining multiple pieces in new ways. It allows you to change your jewelry wardrobe each and every day. Mixing and matching can create a whole new look by mixing metals, colors, styles and sizes.

These stackable rings are a great and easy place to start. Or with bracelets you can stack different size cuffs or several nice quality bracelets that are unique next to each other. Another great option is layering a choker with a longer necklace to achieve a new look. When stacking and layering jewelry, you have an opportunity to create a unique and trendy look!

stackable hammered rings


9. Cuff Bracelet

The cuff bracelet can make any outfit. It’s the perfect addition to a LBD. If you’re having a casual night with jeans and a t-shirt, step your look up by complementing the simple outfit with a cuff. It will add just the right amount of pop. No matter your style, a cuff in your jewelry box is a necessity. 

calf hair cuff

Calf Hair Cuff


10. A Signature Piece!

When you find your signature piece, it becomes something that defines your style and expresses your personality. This is a piece that is worn frequently and even everyday. Your signature piece should have significant value in your life. It can be a piece with an engraved quote that is special to you (like this cuff here), specific stones that you love dearly (like this here), or an initial necklace. If you go with an initial necklace, it doesn't always have to be your initial. We are now seeing people go with the first initial of a parent or child. This is a piece you will hold very close to you, and that people will start to identify as your personal style. 

Letter Necklace

Hand Forged Wire Letter Necklace


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