Functional Leather Accessories

I have always loved bags. Even as a little girl, you could find me carrying a tiny purse filled with random items, almost all of the time. One of my most favorite gifts around the age of eight was a sequined clutch that was meant for adults for special occasions. I, of course, used it every day. So it’s no surprise that I still love bags of all kinds. In the past several years, I have realized that I’m not really drawn to “designer” bags anymore. I’m interested in high-quality leather, transformed into uncompromising accessories that will last a lifetime. Recently I’ve been on the hunt for a particular bag that I just can’t find in stores. I even had one custom made last year. The bag was beautiful, but it took far too long to make and ultimately fell short of what I had envisioned. So my search continued until now. King George Shop is proud to introduce our new line of functional leather accessories from Sweetfield Leather.

Sweetfield Leather has been creating unique leather designs since the early 70s, originally in his shop, which was one of the first retail stores on Savannah’s famous River Street. Sweetfield Leather gained a national reputation as an unrivaled purveyor of functional and artistic leather projects of every description.  John, of Sweetfield is inspired by many sources, including a church in the historic Pinpoint Community. Living in Savannah for nearly 20 years means his inspirations are near and dear to my heart. Once I met him and realized all we had in common, we immediately felt like old friends. But once I saw even more of his designs, I knew with certainty, King George Shop wanted to work with him. 

Together we are working to bring you the newest version of Sweetfield. Highly creative, fashion-forward, durable, unique, and 100% guaranteed. Whether you’re looking for a durable work bag or a trendier clutch for your new dress, we’ve got you covered. Keep checking back with us because soon we will introduce a line of crossbody bags, backpacks, bracelets, and that perfect wristlet for just your phone, keys and wallet. Best of all, these designs will last. So the next time you buy a Sweetfield Leather bag from our shop, it will be because you want to, not because you have to. 

 View our newest assortment in our Bags Collection.

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