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We at King George, have a handful of very special people who have been nothing but supportive of us, from the very start. We are so grateful for these people, because unfortunately, not everyone is a cheerleader of new adventures and successes.  Our cousin-in-law and friend, Katie is one of those people and is facing, what no mother should every have to face. And because of this, we try to make every effort to be a constant source of comfort, balance, help and even some fun too!  Basically, one of our main purposes in life, to be a support to her and her family, but at the same time, she is one of our best, behind the scenes, cheerleaders, and is also often our customer, photographer, editor, and even one of our artists now.  We are so honored to introduce you to her work very soon, in honor of K4EVER.
Read on to hear about what she has been through in her own words and what brought her to this creative endeavor...
Written By Guest Blogger: Katie Hipsher
Have you ever wondered what is our purpose on this earth? What are we meant to do, accomplish or experience? If you asked me one year ago what my purpose was, my answer would be much different than it is today. 
On April 12th 2017, our youngest son was being seen at All Children’s Hospital for his unsteady gait and frequent falls. He was 1 year old. At the end of the appointment the doctor knew. He didn’t tell us and only said “worst case scenario, he has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.” But as a mom I knew. That very moment, I was devastated! The next morning, I received a call “are you sitting down?” Words I’ll never get out of my head. He told me our worst fear. Keegan likely had DMD. He offered to call my husband, which I agreed to because, I couldn’t be the one to share the devastating news.  
The grief came on quick like a tsunami—we couldn’t control it. Our emotions were so raw and exposed. The hardest part was looking at our son, and knowing he had no idea we were grieving the child who was sitting directly in front of us. In my darkest days, I was so grateful to have people beside me, not trying to understand or fix things but to be there for me. I vividly remember at the MDA walk a few months after diagnosis, my cousin hugging me tight saying “This sucks, it’s so unfair.” Oddly enough, what she said was just enough. In that moment of sorrow, she stood in my space of darkness and embraced it. Something I’ll never forget. I think so many people walk around, too stuck in their own minds, to even notice the person standing right beside them is grieving. If you ever are in a situation where someone is hurting, whether it’s from a loss, a diagnosis, heartbreak, or something else, don’t attempt to share “your” story because in that moment it’s 100% about them. Just stand there with them, have empathy and grace. From my experience of grief, it was often hard to answer the question “what can I do for you?” or “let me know if you need anything.” When really all I needed was someone to see me drowning and bring my head above the water for a breath. Someone to sit in my space and be present. Someone to cry with me. Someone to understand. 
At almost 1 year and 5 months later, I still grieve but in a different way. I grieve in moments, like when he falls down for the 10th time that day, or when he can’t keep up with his big brother. Keegan’s diagnosis has permanently changed me. It brought out a strength in me I never knew existed. I now live purposefully and savor moments, instead of speeding past them. I take photos, LOTS of photos! Now I’m beginning a new journey of jewelry stamping. I’m new at this but my journey has taken me in this direction, and I’m going to accept it and use it for good. I want to raise awareness for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I want to share my story and inspire others to also choose to be happy in times of grief. Because life is a gift and you get to choose how you want to handle difficult situations. If you look hard enough you will see the blessing inside the storm. Be brave!
In honor of Katie and her incredibly precious, Keegan, we would like to make a special offer.  From this day forward, anytime the ENDDUCHENNE4KEEGAN code is used at checkout, King George Shop will donate 10% of the purchase to help search for a cure for this terrible disease.  We are so thankful for Katie and for sweet "KeegyBear." Katie's new line of stamped jewelry will be available soon. See below for a sneak peak of what's coming.
Update! Hand Stamped Cuff by K4EVER is now available! 

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  • Beautifully written and beautifully said. Much love to Katie H., her precious Keegan and her family. I love her new line and can’t wait to purchase!!

    Lindy Neidert

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